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The History

The History


It all Started With An Eye-Opener …

Before Arman was an award-winning juice maker and CEO of Vapewell Supply, he was a smoker struggling to quit like many of you with a deep fascination for electronic cigarettes. He’d trekked the globe experiencing the revolution of vaping first-hand in Japan, Italy, The Phillipines, and Russia – how happy it made people, how they shared and interacted over them, how they were a less harmful alternative.

Upon his return to the States in 2011, he took his first dive into the vape industry by creating and developing Urus, a slick all-in-one rechargeable electronic cigarette device with just 3 simple flavors – all on his own. The trouble is he was too late. Ecigarettes (ecigs) as a consumer trend had begun to fade as more powerful hardware devices and more diverse eliquid flavors flooded the market.

… And a Realization.

Like a ton of bricks, it hit him – A greater audience of people wanted tasty flavors to choose from. In all their whimsy and excellence, flavors are the real magic of vaping. Eliquids lead the charge and create shifts in the vape industry – but only the flavors that are truly GREAT.

Then, 12 solid months R&D insued with his friend and business partner, Alejandro. The two of them had a strong common bond – they’ve dealt with the tragedy losing relatives to lung cancer caused by cigarette smoking, and they both felt they needed to be a part of the change they wanted to see in the world.

The seeds of their year-long hardwork and determination grew and greatness was born. They branded themselves Vapewell Supply and released their original lineup of Vapewell ejuice flavors was launched.

Eliquids LEAD the charge and create shifts in the vape industry – but only the flavors that are truly GREAT.”


Then, it was LIT.

When Vapewell Supply ejuices hit the market, they spread like wild fire. Sales steadily climbed through the release of 4 additional brands designed to cater to their local distribution network.
Soon after, it was time to go national. That’s when Claire joined the team and created the necessary media and web strategies to cover the globe. She, too, has lost a relative to lung cancer. Thus, The Squad was complete.

Poised for success and on the cusp of infinite production capabilities, worldwide distribution and a recent recipient of a national flavor award, nothing could stand in our way of being the next great eliquid manufacturer.

… Until the news that the FDA’s deeming regs could end vaping as we knew it in America. It was devastating news to hear, but the mission became clear: we’ve got to give it all we’ve got.

It’s NOW or never.

Vapewell Supply’s 2016 Eliquid collection is truly special: The Squad spent a total of 8 months developing the brands and the flavors amidst looming FDA regulations.

To put it simply, this collection is the dawning of a new era for us: one filled with a new purpose, that knows only GREAT flavors last, an era that pulls out all the stops and, most importantly, refuses to go silently into that good night. It’s our very best concoctions. It’s our Jordan 4th quarter finals in 1992.

We put everything we had into making this collection unique because we MUST show the FDA, vapers like you, and the rest of the world that what WE do is art at its finest and most passionate. The eliquids we’ve made in the collection came from our hearts. They’re our beautiful song to the next generation that says vaping – like music, theater, and poetry – can’t be allowed to die.



What We Offer

There’s nothing basic about our flavors. Our legacy of ejuices is worthy of the name premium.

Our eliquids are manufactured in an FDA-regulated laboratory.

We dominated at Vape Summit IV in the Berries category!

Ask our experts with over 20 years combined industry experience.

In the coming months, we’ll release TFN versions of our eliquids.

What we can do

Complex, original, bold AMAZING flavors!
Traceable batch numbers
Fully heat-sealed and tamper-proof bottles
Child-proof Caps (CRC)
Premium Matte and Metallic Labels
Anti-Fraud Branding
TPD and FDA Compliant Labels

Who We Are





Shipping Speed


Customer Service


Meet The Squad

The fire of our passion can never be extinct.

Arman Espinosa

Arman Espinosa

CEO, Director of Operatons

Arman’s a University of Houston graduate and Navy Logistics Honors graduate and former vape shop consultant who’s opened over 20 retail vape establishments and given rise to several of Houston’s biggest names in e-liquid. He’s the visionary and co-originator of Vapewell Supply and works daily improving our company’s production and operations.

Alejandro Almeida

Alejandro Almeida

Chief Finanacial Officer

Alejandro is the strategist and co-originator who pilots the financial present and future of Vapewell Supply while managing cash flow and expenditures. A University of Houston Honors graduate, his real world business experience in both corporate and small business settings provides the company a solid set of standards and a strong business foundation.

Claire McPherson

Claire McPherson

Chief Marketing Officer

Claire is a Texas Tech University Honors graduate and former morning radio producer. Using her 8 years of marketing, media, social and web design experience, she designed the 2016 Premium E-liquid collection brands, rocks the microphone at events, and performs the company’s day-to-day sales functions.

Distribute Vapewell Supply’s Legacy of Flavors

Our eliquids are best described as class in a bottle.


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